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People come to us for many different reasons, but they all leave with a healthier view of the world. Set your sights on one of our services.

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In-House Optical Lab

Our office has an in-house lab equipped with industry-leading technology which allows us to provide quick and accurate service for you when possible. From crafting the perfect lenses to contacts and more, we can give you the eyewear you need in just a matter of hours!




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Superior Quality Services

  • Eye exams
    • A comprehensive eye exam will evaluate the health of your eyes and quality of your vision.

  • Medical eye exams
    • If you have allergies, cataracts, glaucoma or any other medical need, we can pinpoint the source of your discomfort and help you get back to optimal health!

  • Emergency eye care
    • If you have an emergency, come to us! We handle each case with skill and a comfortable touch.

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Age-Related Macular Degeneration Center of Excellence

The Need for Densitometer Testing

To determine if a patient is at risk for Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and for patients with known risk factors for AMD, it is critical to know how much protective pigment they have in their macula.  The Macular Densitometer is an instrument that measures the macular pigment, a yellowish substance in the back of the eye that helps protect the eye from the destructive effects of damaging blue light, and gives a clear understanding of the patient's risk factor for developing macular degeneration.

Lower levels of macular pigment have been demonstrated in patients with macular degeneration. Studies on primary relatives of macular degeneration patients suggest that these individuals have an increased risk of having lower levels of macular pigment and as a result a higher risk for developing AMD.

Why is measuring macular pigment important?

Generally, patients with low macular pigment need to be on a carotenoid-building supplement called MacuHealth to restore macular pigment to healthy protective levels which mitigate risk for AMD. (Those already diagnosed with AMD can benefit from the slowing or stopping of the progression of AMD if they increase their macular pigment.)  To determine at what point supplementation is needed, a simple and reliable test using the Macular Densitometer gives an immediate Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) score to not only indicate whether the patient has low macular pigment, but when to start supplementing with lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin….MacuHealth.  If you are at risk for AMD, follow ups with your doctor at regular 6-12 month intervals, will demonstrate that the treatment plan is working by an increase in the patients MPOD score (provided the patient has been compliant).  Patients appreciate the added reassurance they get from taking a proactive part in their eye care.

Macular Degeneration Resources:

Visit for more information!

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Insurance Plans

View Insurance Plans

  • BlueCross® BlueShield®
  • CIGNA®
  • Davis VisionSM
  • Eyemed Vision CareSM
  • Great West®
  • LHI™
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Presbyterian Health
  • Spectera®
  • Superior
  • Tricare®
  • United Health Care®
  • UFCW
  • Vision Care Direct
  • VSP®

If you have any questions regarding your policy, please contact us.

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Flexible Financing and Payment Options

View Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • American Express®
  • MasterCard®
  • Visa®
  • Discover®
  • CareCreditSM

We are pleased to offer our patients the CareCredit® card, North America's leading patient payment program. CareCredit cards work just like a regular credit card, but is exclusive for healthcare services. You'll get low monthly payment plans for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance, including LASIK. You can even get pre-approved for the CareCredit card before coming to the office for your appointment!

To get pre-approved NOW before your appointment date, just click here!

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Photo Gallery

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