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Contact Lenses

Added on September 9, 2014 by admin

Today, contact lenses are available in many different materials and types including bi-focal contacts, specialized contacts for dry eyes, and contacts for patients with astigmatism. There are single use contact lenses that are thrown away every day, as well as new, safe contact lenses that can be worn for extended periods, including overnight. We specialize in contact lenses, including hard-to-fit cases. We carry an extensive selection of contact lenses. Please talk to our staff or Dr. Casaus if contact lenses are of interest to you.

Why purchase your replacement contacts from our office?

Pricing - We have competitive pricing, plus value added service for our contact lens patients. Free Replacement - We will replace lost or torn contacts in almost all brands at not cost to you.

Lens Exchange - If your vision should change before you run out of contacts, we will exchange those lenses for new ones at no charge. If you need a new fit due to uncomfortable or ill-fitting lenses, then we provide this at a reduced rate. Running Short - We will get you single pairs to get you by when you run short.

Backup Glasses - We give a large discount for backup glasses when you purchase a year's supply of lenses . . . and many more advantages when you purchase your contacts through our office.

"Try it before you buy it" guaranteed Contact lens program

The individualized contact lens examination you'll receive at our office is thorough and detailed and will provide you with contact lenses that meet your specific needs. You can try the contacts before you commit to buy them so you can find out if contacts are right for you. Ask our staff about this wonderful program.

Single-use disposable contact lenses

Ask about the advantages of single use contact lenses. Because single use contacts are replaced every day, they are convenient and easy, and reduce the risk of contact lens-related eye problems. They allow for occasional contact lens wear and are a great option for young patients and for those who suffer from dry eyes. Simply wear them one day and throw them away. Ask our doctors if single use contact lenses are the right choice for you.