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Treatment of Infections and Diseases

Added on September 9, 2014 by admin

At the Vision Store, we provide more than routine family eye care. Our doctors and staff members are highly skilled professionals and we offer advanced optometric medical treatment for eye infections, dry eyes, ocular allergies, foreign body removal, and eye injuries. We also treat and monitor chronic eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye damage and cataracts.

To ensure that you receive the proper treatment for an eye infection, you must first get the correct diagnosis from an eye care professional. Because eye infections can be contagious, it is best to speak with an eye doctor about the possible cause and treatments, and your doctor should talk to you about ways to prevent spreading the infection. You may need prescription-strength medication to ensure that the infection resolves quickly.

In most cases, eye infection treatment includes compresses, eye drops, creams, or antibiotics. Topical antiviral therapy may be necessary if the eye infection is caused by a virus. A leading category of eye infections is pink eye, or conjunctivitis. Certain types of conjunctivitis are very contagious and require immediate attention from an eye doctor. Typically, treatment involves staying away from work or school, prescribed anti-infective topical solution or ointment, and warm or cool compresses to alleviate symptoms.

Depending on the cause, eye infections may last for days or weeks. In some cases, new symptoms may appear during treatment. If symptoms worsen, or if new, unexplained symptoms appear, you should contact your eye doctor immediately.